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OHCHR publishes guide to conscientious objection

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OHCHR publishes guide to conscientious objection

UN human rights agency publishes guide to Conscientious Objection.  PDF available at War Resisters International link above.


Michael Tippett – a renowned British composer, an active pacifist

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Sir Michael Tippett (1905 – 1998) without doubt was a significant British composer of the 20th century. His oratorio ‘A Child of Our Time‘, composed during the Second World War, deals with violent incidents of those years in the context of the experiences of oppressed people generally, and carries a strongly pacifist message of ultimate understanding and reconciliation.

His music became a vehicle to channel his humanitarian and pacifist beliefs, alongside his campaigning activity, which include becoming a president of the Peace Pledge Union and unveiling in Tavistock Square, in London,  the Commemorative Stone to conscientious objectors all over the world and in every age.

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Conscientious Objection in the UK Armed Forces

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“Conscientious objection to military service is a subtle concept. Broadly speaking, it arises when a serving or prospective member of the armed forces finds that their work cannot / could not be done in good conscience. When the claim of  conscience is sufficiently powerful for the person to seek to remove themselves from their work, then a conscientious objection can be said to exist. This could arise in relation either to specific orders or military operations, or to military service in all its aspects. Informed Choice: Armed Forces Recruitment Practice in the UK, 2007″


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Ex soldier Joe Glenton refused to return to Afghanistan

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Ex soldier Joe Glenton refused to return to Afghanistan -full article

When the War on Terror began, Briton Joe Glenton felt compelled to serve his nation. He passed through basic training and deployed to Afghanistan in 2006. What he saw overseas left him disillusioned, and he returned home increasingly political and manifesting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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John Glenton: Why I refused to return to fight in Afghanistan’s brutal occupation

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Why I refused to return to fight in Afghanistan’s brutal occupation | Joe Glenton | Comment is free |

“… conscientious objection is a legal and contractual right. In fact, it is more than that – it is a legal and moral obligation. This is why we must not accept the debate about serving in Afghanistan to be to narrowed down to an exchange about a soldier’s heroism or cowardice. Instead, I would encourage servicemen to explore their right to refuse, be aware of it and to act upon their conscience. You will find you are not obliged to go; contracts, remember, bind multiple parties, not just one.”

The Limits of Conscientious Objection – UK

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The limits of conscientious objection | Rosalind English | Law |

Article 9 of the European convention on human rights offered no protection to a soldier who objected to the war in Afghanistan on political grounds.